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A small collection of what I consider to be my best writing. This is representative of my ideal otaku writing and is reflective of various fascets of myself. Brief glimpses of my elusive moments of creative genius.


Eventually the good stuff will be converted to HTML or PDF.
Note: character encoding is a bit messed up, working on that...

Yukinoshita Yukino analysis
Love is Dead, Long Live the Otaku
The Ideological Warrior

"No reservation, no hesitation, no discrimination, no limitation, just liberation"

Oregairu: My Love Feels All Wrong

Here is a little fanfiction thing I wrote for a challenge on a community I'm a part of. I think it's inredibly self-inulgent, my fiction writing is questionable at best, and my vision for the ending was a bit edgy. However I felt like I wanted to share this somewhere since it did turn out pretty decent. Read it at your own risk!

Fukan Fuukei
The case for fansubs

Regarding the merit of fan translations from the perspective of someone who cares about quality translations and remebering the classics.

Denpa-kei influences in Boogiepop

Regarding the deep running influences of denpa-kei in Boogiepop Phantom, something I noticed and did not see addressed elsewhere. A personal interest of mine is denpa-kei so discussing it through Boogiepop is a was to bring more attention to the subject.

The first episode of Symphogear is perfect

Analyzing why the first episode of Symphogear was able to grab my attention so quickly, and generally regarding the importance of first episodes in anime.

Falling in love... 1000 times later

Reflections of someone who cannot stop loving 2D girls.

A critical look at Hachiman's infamous "I hate nice girls" monologue

An in-depth exploration of Hikigaya Hachiman's (often) misconstrued monologue, that is nearly universally disregarded as a joke, but is one of the most important moments in the story.

Resistence to change in Oregairu

An examination of Hikigaya Hachiman's greatest flaw: his unrelenting attachment to his "loner" persona.

Sepia Nightmare

How Boogiepop Phantom Explores the “Stasis of Adolescence”

soon, we will be living in a collection of memories...