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~artificial night sky~

Parz's aesthetic expressed by means of bad photo editing

There are some edits that I made in paint.net over the years because I was scared of pirating software (photoshop) for way too long. I've been doing stuff like this since at least 2012 and never have taken it awfully seriously, but I have gotten some discernable skills I think. Here are some of the stuff I think are worth putting on the internet.

paint.net download: here

Thumbnails for youtube can be found こちら.


NHK is good

rule breaker

There is a weird story to this one. This is actually an album cover for a concept album thing I started making called "BREAKING THE RULES" a while ago when I was really into lolicore. Obviously it's a parody of My Chemical Romance's "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" except with Madoka and Homura kissing. The album itself exists in a persistently incomplete form since it was mainly an excuse to make weird music and a cool album cover. A few tracks were made in Audacity since I have zero experience or desire to learn FLStudio. The songs themsleves (though they can hardly be called as such) are mostly just distorted nightcore edits of anime songs. Despite this, a few of the songs turned out surprisingly good and I've listened to my own album back a few times just to remind myself how much my latent potential at lolicore is but never will come to anything. Since I will never release it here is the tracklist + original song's name:

  • my girlfriend carries staplers in her panties (Staple Staple - Bakemonogatari OP1)
  • boost boost boost (Kiki - High School DxD OST)
  • girls i usedto fall in love with (The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance)
  • all the lights in the night sky are probably stars (Stars Fading in Slow Motion - Crossfaith)
  • レクイエム (Jubulis from Dies Irae)
blog banner

Here is a banner thing made for my wordpress blog during a mountain dew induced stupor. Like with a lot of things I like to edit, the background is an extremely distorted and processed image of my figure boxes, but is likely not apparent given the distortions. Satou, Yamazaki and Misaki were cropped out of my old banner which was a wallpaper I've had for ages. The result was the perfect aesthetic balance of insanity and indulgence.

ELIS cover

This is a quickly made cover for my failed and incomplete light novel/NaNoWriMo project entitled "ELIS: ENDLESS LIES, INFINITE SACRIFICE" (in all caps) from October 2019. As per usual, this will never see the light of day but there is a carefully selected entry to read here

machine girl x nurse witch komugi chan

Nrs Grl+

parz iceberg

I made this for fun about my "internet creator" career. full disclouse that most of this doesn't (or will never) exist online, but it might be fun to look at and wonder "how deep does the parz iceberg go?"

melancholic donkey kong song

Listened to とげとげタルめいろ一時間"スーパードンキーコング2" on repeat for hours on afternoon, then made this edit. It was mostly inspired by the song and I incorporated Kitahara Aya from Onani Master Kurosawa because I love her character a lot. Fall deeper.

fake fighting game cover

I spent way too long making this concept cover for a fighting game that will never exist. I really like Rozen Maiden and idolm@ster and figured it was a good enough idea at the time and was bored so I made this. I also made a character roster here that is equally bad. I probably could have put more effort into this but the idea wasn't all that great to begin with. I would main Suigintou.

my harem

This is my harem~
Left to right: Hiiragi Kagami, Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko), Niijima Makoto, (Me), Yukinoshita Yukino, Soryu Langely Asuka.


This is my waifu Yukinoshita Yukino from Oregairu. She means the world to me and I cannot express this enough. Comprehensive anaylsis of Yukinon.

soon, we will be living in a collection of memories...