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Meta Updates/Changelog

blowing kisses @ LCDs Edition

Very lazy unplanned update that mostly imported and backed-up some more Wordpress blogs. More to come?

Late July Update: Y2k Daydreams Edition

lazy update, mostly importing some of my writing that isn't bad, which was difficult since most of what I write is bad. also some general ocd code cleaning for my own readability~

there was also a top secret paranoia update that literally nobody noticed.

Christmas Update (HyperHappy Edition):

The continued effort to clean up my code, use CSS correctly and add dumb stuff. All edits made at 4am wearing pajama pants for maximum comfy.

NEET Summer Update:

Big freaking update!
CSS is coming soon tm here!
Many unecessarily personal accounts I wrote whilst sleep deprived been (mostly) removed. I have since found my tin-foil hat. Don't ask, just accept.

>muh privacy

Also various style overhauls have been made to appease my autism.

Additional Additions: edits page, Honda Toru page

To do:

Made possible by: Uni, W3 Schools, Mountain Dew and insomnia!

電波男 / 世界の敵


This convoluted mess is a personal project and is irregularly being updated and is intentionally edgy as heck. I'm a shameless hikikomori and proud kimoi-otaku stuck in the mid-2000's who's constantly drinking Mountain Dew. Obsessed with authenticity and a hopeless misanthrope, my own aesthetic was born. There is nothing to of worth to find here, seeing an endless stream of the manic thoughts of a lone wolf might prove to be interesting to some though so please enjoy. This website was made with all my heart.

Holding back punches is for those too afraid to lose it all. Having nothing to lose makes you more willing to live the way you were meant to. The irony is that those people obsessed with what they have built are protecting nothing of worth to begin with. It was misbegotten happiness. The meaning you derived was arbitrary. That is why, 2 years ago, I completely severed all my connections to people. At the time I only had two online friends and it felt "too warm." So it ended by my hand. I have never been happier living life completely in isolation. Nobody will ever care for my or my crap so why bother deluding myself with false fantasies constructed by broken societal expectations? Stare into the void.


"Being alone is best. I mean, it's true, isn't it? In the end you'll be absolutely alone; therefore, being alone is natural. If you accept that, nothing bad can happen. That's why I shut myself away in my six-mat one-room apartment"

-Tatsuhiko Takimoto, Welcome to the N.H.K.

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