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This is the EBD. I live here most of the time and where I hide from my problems. Since it isn't my permanent residence I only keep whatever anime DVD's, games, books/manga that I am going to be needing at that moment or in the near future. However, the poster collection has quickly spiraled out of control but I love having all my walls plastered with anime girls.

UBW, Date A Live and Haruhi wallscrolls. Underneath is my bed where my Yukino dakimakura and Alice fumo are usually hanging out.

The other side of my bed. I have an Ikea table not pictured where I stack my paperbacks, manga/LN or whatever crap I have in my room. I also have a Nanoha, Kuroneko and Kirino prize figures by the lamp.

This is where I interface with the Wired.

Older picture by a close-up on the posters by my desk. The printed manga pages are not pictued unfortunately.

This is my Thinkpad x220 that I've used pretty much everyday for 4 years. Mostly school stuff, web surfing, programming, photo editing, light gaming and watching anime.


Here is my room at my parent's house. I keep the majority of my collection here but I share the room with my brother so it's crowded and I've run out of adequate space years ago. These picture is quite outdated. It'll be updated in due time since currently my collection is all over the place. I'd also like to get a better pictue of my figures. So consider this section a placeholder for now.

My poster wall, mostly collected from importing NEWTYPE magazines, ebay and artist's alley at conventions etc.

The first part of my collection. This shelf is dedicated to Blu-rays, DVDs, box sets and some random manga at the bottom. There are also a few CD's there like my Shinigawa Satellie "DEAD WEIGHT" album I imported a while back.

The second part is mostly light novels, doujinshi and omnibus manga at the bottom. The manilla bag is my erotic doujinshi. There's also my Star Twinkle Precure henshin item laying around on the top shelf.

The last shelf is mostly manga, I generally have my complete sets here (or stuff that is nearing completion), and a few Japanese manga in the middle as well. The bottom section is random single volumes I picked up and don't intend to complete. The top part has my Nintendo Power magazines, Monogatari box sets, random plushies and non-Anime DVD/BD's.

Headboard for tons of random crap that doesn't have a home elsewhere.

Top: Recent manga or DVD/BD pick-ups that can't fit on my shelves anymore.
Bottom: Honda Toru books, some NEWTYPE magazines, and a few random Japanese anime magazines.

Closer look at the overflow.

Nendoroids, gacha toys, and a few gunpla. I have more gunpla in storage to prevent dust while I've been away.

Mostly prize figures I picked up at conventions or second-hand online. I just collect my favorite characters.

The grail of my collection: Yukinoshita Yukino - 1/6 - Kimono Ver. I paid way more than I'd like to admit but it was worth it for the quality of my waifu.

My myfigurecollection page